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    problem with placing .PNG graphic with transparency




      My problem is, whenever i place a PNG graphic (which has transparency) into a pagemaker document, the "transparent part" of the image is not supported by pagemaker. For example: you know those graphics which you can use as a background image for invitations or greeting cards, and then it has an "area" which is transparent so that when you place your picture (for example) behind that background image, your picture will see through that transparent "area" of the background image.... that's not happening in pagemaker. Instead, when i do that, i end up with two opaque images.


      I'm sure the problem is not the .PNG grpahic file, because I tried doing the same thing in photoshop... I opened the same background graphic, then opened a picture, copied and placed the picture behind the background graphic, and i got what i wanted.. the picture showed through the transparent part of the .png graphic


      I'm using Pagemaker 7 and Windows XP.


      Anybody knows why this is?  Is there a pagemaker "patch" or additional file I need to download from Adobe to fix the problem?