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    Flash8 AS2 - Searching a datagrid

    alan_lindsay Level 1

      I have a 2 column datagrid which is loaded via flashremoting. I can work with cells when they are clicked, using a listener, but I need to search a column for a string and I can't seem to find the syntax on the web (or perhaps I don't understand what I'm seeing). I'm sure it isn't difficult but if someone could point the way, I'd be most appreciative.

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          alan_lindsay Level 1

          There seems to be a great reluctance to respond to my question - is it so trivial that it shouldn't be dignified by a response or so complex that even the guru's are stumped (and I find THAT hard to believe)?


          I continue to search the web and experiment and have moved forward a little. If a cell in the grid is clicked, I can extract the value contained in that cell but I need to be able to scan cells looking for a value that matches some specific text. One web reference led me to the following:


          var colname = _root.userGrid.getColumnAt(0).columnName;



          gives me the name of the first column (there are 2 columns).


          var cellData:String = _root.userGrid.getItemAt(1).colname;



          gives me 'undefined' instead of the contents that I can extract if I click on the 2nd cell of the first column. Where am I going wrong?

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            alan_lindsay Level 1

            As I suspected, the answer was quite simple though not obvious to me - an indicator of my knowledge and understanding level.


            The name of the column I was trying to retrieve data from is "UserName" so if it change my original statement of:


            var cellData:String = _root.userGrid.getItemAt(1).colname;




            var cellData:String = _root.userGrid.getItemAt(1).UserName;


            It works!