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    Useful 'How to' Tips


      Maybe, using Adobe Photoshop won't be a burden to its potenial users by providing useful and meaningful 'how to' articles like how to edit pictures. When I had furst used Photohop, I had a hard time getting to know on how to use it and until now, I'm still having a hard time using it so I do really hope to see that in future releases of Photoshop so that it can be more 'user-friendly.'




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          Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

          Yes this is one of the thing they were hoping Flash Panels would be used for. There's already something called Configurator, which allows people to design their own interface panels. With the addition of Actionscript, its already possible to tailor tutorials in the Photoshop workspace. No-one has really got round to this yet, but if someone did it WELL it could be a marketable product.

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            josedenniolim Level 1

            Whoa, this is what I mean. Photoshop should contain easy to understand tools to help new and inexperienced users to fully maximize its use. I mean it should be at least included in the product. Maybe, it could replace the lengthy user manual by providing an easy to understand handbook discussing the basic functions of Photoshop. With my experience, I usually spend hours using Photoshop because I simply don't know the use of certain tools and what tools should I use to for example get a line drawn from this point to that point with some added effects that I like it to have.


            Well, it is just a suggestion and I really do hope to see it in PS future releases because I believe that it is far still the best one we have.

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              Zeno Bokor Level 6

              they've already implemented something like this in Illustrator, you have a search field in the title bar where you can search Community Help for tutorials and the like; when you type something in there it opens your web browser with the results of your search. This probably won't be implemented in Photoshop CS4 but you can still use the Photoshop Community Help webpage for that: http://www.adobe.com/support/photoshop/