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    HTTPService and Basic Authentication


      First off, sorry for posting this twice, the first one was in the FLEX forum, but probably should have been here.


      I am using Basic Authentication on a REST Service which I have deployed to my local tomcat system.  I also am using the same domain (which is named default right now) to secure access to my FLEX application.  When I try to hit /root/FlexApp/FlexApp.html I get prompted with a username/password box, which I enter the correct information in and it logs me in.  If I then try to have my FLEX App access the REST Service I get inconsistent results.  In Firefox this works everytime no problem.  In Internet Explorer everything works the first time, but if I close the browser and log back in it seems that the credentials used to access the Flex App are not used when invoking the remote service giving me a 401 Unauthorized error.  Can anyone provide me some details on how to track down what is causing this discrepency in the way this works in IE vs Firefox?


      I am using FLEX 3, ie 7 and FF 3.  Any pointers would be a great help.