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    Display Hindi Font Problem (Localization)


      Hello Friends,


      I have sucessfully implemented the localization in Flex 3. But the problem is only English, France languages are displayed well but Hindi Fonts are getting displayed as boxes.


      Can any one help me to come out of this issue? I had searched on google also but yet not able to find the problem.


      Waiting for quick response.

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          tooMuchTrouble Level 3

          boxes are either a "mild" encoding problem or more likely that the fonts you're

          using don't have hindi glyphs in them.

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            vbjain Level 1

            Hi PaulH,


            As i am new to the flex3 as well as localization programming i have not any idea about the "mild" and "hindi glyphs".

            Can you please help me in understanding this?

            One more information i had installed "Mangal" fonts for hindi support. is it creating any problem?

            I was not able to resolve the problem yet. Waiting for quick response.

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              tooMuchTrouble Level 3

              a glyph is an element of a writing system (i guess you might call it a "char").

              if your flex app is displaying english & french ok but your hindi text is

              displaying as boxes then either the encoding of your resource bundles is not

              exactly utf-8 or the font you've used in your app doesn't have the hindi glyphs

              in it (most likely). are you handling the fonts for each locale?


              btw if your text was displayed as question marks (?) then something bad happened

              to the text data itself, ie garbaged.

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                vbjain Level 1



                First of all you can go through this link from which i had accompished the application.



                As you said i might have not assigned utf-8 to hn_IN resource bundle but i had changed my whole application to UTF-8 and as well i had gone through each resource file and made them UTF-8.


                And about glyphs, i had gone through internet and download few fonts having glyphs from (http://www.alanwood.net/unicode/fonts.html)

                you can see in this link they specified JanaHindi(http://tdil.mit.gov.in/download/janahindi.htm),

                DVBOTSurekh like fonts. I had installed all fonts in my OS.


                Then i write 'charmap' command in Start->Run prompt.

                After that i selected the JanaHindi from the language list and wrote the data that i want.

                And then wrote those into resource file, placed in hn_IN folder.


                One more question, when i going through the list of Encoding types in Flex Project Properties it is showing me two options UTF-8 and utf-8. Can i know the difference between them?


                And there is no character displaying as ????, so i think there is no problem in that.


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                  tooMuchTrouble Level 3

                  and how exactly are you applying the hindi fonts to your flex app?

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                    vbjain Level 1

                    Hey good news,


                    I had resolved the problem by installing the hindi fonts from my OS CD.


                    I think OS also needs to have hindi fonts and fonts which i were installing were not part of that.

                    After installation of Windows Fonts all problem have been resolved.

                    Thanks for your quick response. Because of that i reached near to the solution.


                    But still i want to ask what is diff bet UTF-8 and utf-8 in flex builder3?

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                      We seem to be facing a similar problem. can you let us know what fonts you aer using and what fonts did you install.


                      We are trying to use Mangal and Arial unicode MS. We are still seeingsquare boxes.


                      Thank you in advance.



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                        tooMuchTrouble Level 3

                        it's surprising that Arial unicode MS doesn't handle your text. the only indic

                        language i know that Arial unicode MS doesn't support so well is "oriya" (there

                        might be others but i only know of that one).


                        does it read ok in HTML?

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                          vbjain Level 1

                          Hello Manojiyer,


                          Following are the steps i followed to install the Fonts from Windows OS.

                          1. Put your windows OS CD in CD-ROM.

                          2. Go to Control Panel->Regional and language Options.

                          3. Select Languages Tab.

                          4. Select the checkbox against 'Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages(including Thai)'.

                          5. Now click 'OK'. Clicking on 'OK' take the configuration from OS CD. And it will resolve the fonts problem,


                          Don't Uninstall any Hindi Font you have installed.


                          Hope this will solve your problem. If you find any other solution please share here also.

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                            Helo Vbjain,


                            I have a cpl of questions here -


                            1) You said you had to install hindi fonts on your OS to display them in flex, does that mean, after you deploy you application every user has to have hindi fonts on their machines to see hindi on you application? Or you have to install hindi fonts on just the server machine?


                            2) I get the input in XML format which has some hindi text (eg:दिन घंटे) in it. I have read this input and display the text in hindi. My input is not static, I get it dynamically. Please suggest.



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                              vbjain Level 1

                              Hello agreeshma,


                              As i had stopped using Flex now so i really not came to know what will happen to hindi fonts after it got deployed.


                              While implementing OS Font installation i also had a thought for this.


                              But before deploying it i came to know that we are dropping the idea of using flex.


                              Instead we started to use GWT.


                              So i wont be able to resolve your issues now. But try once to deploy it i think it should work properly.

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                                Hi All,

                                I'm able to display the Hindi characters on the flex app. But I still get squares on button labels and alert messages. I'm using stylenames and fontnames that differ for each locale and have put them in the resourcebundle. And set the stylename and fontfamily attribute accordingly for the components. Also I want to know how can I set the stylenames for Validator messages. Eagerly waiting for some solution.




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                                  agreeshma Level 1

                                  Thank you vbjain for your response.


                                  I have one font (mangal.ttf) already on my machine and so I tried using that font with some hard coded text in hindi charset and it worked fine.

                                  But this works only when the text (hindi charset) is static (hard-coded) in mxml. When I try to read an xml file which has some hindi text, I get error 1085, Client.CouldNotDecode error. Can someone help me please?


                                  Thanks in advance!

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                                    I have installed Hindi font my Window system CD.

                                    My problem is , i am not able to type a text in Hindi in running flex application.

                                    When i try to write it will appear in "?" only but if i do copy and paste in hindi it will not create any problem but i am not able to write directly from the keyboard in flex application only.

                                    I can write the text in hindi in MS office, even in the flex editor but not in the running application.


                                    Aprreciate your help.