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    Convert swf to mov or avi etc

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      I've designed a vector animation in flash 8 using a 16:9 ratio to be projected on a video screen. What is the best way to convert this swf to a format that can be played on a normal dvd player so it can be projected on a screen and maintain the vector graphics and continuously loop without pauses? any help would be very much appreciated.




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          Stefan83 Level 1

          Can anyone help with this issue please? Every conversion method I've used loses the quality of the animation. Thanks

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            Porkchop Bob

            I am having he same problem with Flash CS4 and can't figure it out.  I keep getting ghosted images when exporting to Quicktime via Animation or DV/DVCPRO codecs.  The only thing that seemed to work was exporting via PAL.  Why that worked I have no idea since I'm using region 1 NTSC displays and equipment, but it did.


            One other thing you might want to try is exporting it as a PNG sequence and then reassembling it in After Effects.  Then you can just instruct the dvd file to loop the single clip.  Completely tedious, yes, and problematic if you have a different framerate than 29.97, but might be a workable last resort if no one else out there has any answers.