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    Installation of CS4 partially failed. Illustrator did not install.

    E Diane King Level 3

      I just puchased and installed CS4 upgrade on my Acer Vista Utlimate 64 laptop.  I already have CS3 installed and have been using it with only a few problems.  I had installed the demo of InDesign CS4 prior to purchasing the suite, but uninstalled it before installing the suite. When I installed CS4, I encountered errors and Illustrator and some of the lesser components failed to install.  I've done a search of the forums and see that I supposed to uninstall and run a cleanup script.  Do I need to deactivate the software before doing this?  Adobe activation really confuses me.  Also, it says to backup files before running the script.  Which files am I supposed to backup and will running the script effect my CS3 installation?