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    Can't detect mouse move on PlotChart while mouse down and selectionMode=multiple


      I am trying to add pan/zoom capabilities to my PlotChart, but I also want to maintain the ability to select multiple data points by drawing a region.  The plan is to add a mouse move event listener when mouse down is detected.  On mouse move I will check if the shift key is depressed.  If so, I will pan the chart.  If not, the default behavior of selecting multiple data points will be carried out. I currently have the pan code in place and it works wonderfully if the chart's selection mode is set to single or none.  It stops working when the chart's selection mode is set to multiple.


      The Problem:


      It looks like the propagation of the mouse move event is being stopped (ChartBase.as 4637) when it is in the multiple selection mode.  So even if I add a mouse move event listener to the stage, it stops detecting mouse move events as soon as the mouse down event is fired for the chart.  How can I detect mouse move events while the mouse is down and the chart is in multi selection mode?