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    Flash file problems please help :)


      I was given a .FLA file and a .EXE version of the file.

      The .FLA file will not let me publish it in any format not even .EXE

      I had the web page link to the .EXE so that peopel could download it.

      Now my boss wants the .FLA file to be viewable on the web and not download it like with the.EXE file

      She also wants the file to automatically when the page is loaded.


      I figured I would just publish the .FLA file to .SWF and have it autoplay on the internet.

      The problem is that the .FLA file will let me edit it but it will not let me publish it in .SWF or any other settings.

      I have found an EXE to SWF converter but the .SWF file created from the converter will not autoplay on the internet.

      The .SWF file created from the .EXE to SWF converter will only play after you Right click and select Play.


      What do you think I should do?





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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          why can't you publish a swf file when the fla is opened in the flash ide?

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            Travis444 Level 1

            I can have the publish settings set to anything that I want.

            The thing is that it will just not publish it at all, not in any format that I select.

            When I click Publish, it will create a .swf icon on my desktop but it quickly dissappears as soon as it is done publishing.


            • I have reinstalled Flash.
            • I have renamed the .fla file and tried it all again.
            • I have created a new .fla file and copied and pasted all the layers.


            None of these methods work. I would upload it here but the file is 150MB.


            Here is the link, at the top "Click here to view demo" will take you to the .exe file.




            If you want I think I can have it link to the .fla file.


            Thanks for all your help thus far,