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    Video breaking & right computer


      Although, I have been using Premiere for some 4 years, I have not used the Adobe Premiere Pro to its potential. Now I have got the CS4 version and a new JVC GZ-HD300BU camera, so decided to do some serious editing. I'm struggling with few issues now.


      1. I use a Windows Visa Home Premium edition. I can import a hd .mtc file to Premiere and play it. However I don't see a smooth transition when I play in the source window - sometimes it is okay and sometimes it is not. I also dragged a video to the sequence and export to hd. The export video is not smooth at all. Is this the problem with the display card on my computer?


      2. What kind of laptop, OS and display card suitable for adobe CS4 usage? I have matrox card and premiere 2.0 on a different computer. I had a lot of problem with that set up.


      3. Why the adobe premiere stops responding quite often? I had the premiere crashed few times yesterday.


      4. I don't know what kind of sequence I have to choose for the JVC GZ-HD300BU mtc file? I have tried the AVCHD and it does not give me a smooth flow when I export to hd format.


      I appreciate the response.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, a complete set of specs on your existing computer would be most helpful. Tell us everything about it, including how the OS is set up. Do not forget to give full specs of your I/O sub-system, i.e. HDD's and how they are used, plus sizes, speed and controller type.


          More details on the Assets (the files from your JVC) would be extremely useful. While we could Google it, you should have the complete specs on those files, and often a mfgr's Web site will be short in that respect.


          Good luck, and with the info, someone should be able to help you,




          PS for a laptop to do HD editing with CS4, you will want a minimum of 2 HDD's and 3 would be better. The GPU is not that big of a deal, but the CPU will be - faster, multi-core will be better.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            The camera is listed as recording in AVCHD format, which I believe has a certain "folder structure" which must be respected for Premiere to use the files properly.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              In that case a laptop just is not fast enough for comfortable editing, not even with 3 (e)SATA-7200 disks.


              AVCHD editing on a laptop is not done.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                While I might agree that Laptops are typically less suited to editing than desktops, and that using one not powerful enough can affect the smoothness of the editing experience, that should not have an impact on the rendered output, which can takle as long as it needs.

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                  tabletennisjunky Level 1

                  Thanks guys for the answer.


                  It looks like the DELL laptop that I have may not be a good system for this kind of work. I'm going back to the system that I have been using for some years (Windows XP, custom computer with Matrox). I will try editing on that computer and let you know guys how does it look on that system.