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    Page Numbering



          Apart from some experience of batch processing Excel files using VBA to automate pdfdistiller, I am new to Acrobat scripting.


      I am currently trying to automate the tasks I run using Batch Processing, and whilst I have figured out how to insert additional pages and create a watermark, I have yet to successfully figure out how to add page numbers in the footer area.....


      The only reference I have found is the javascript .setpagelabels command, therefore, I have added in the following to my existing VBA script


      EX = "this.setpagelabels (0, [""D"", """", 1]);"
      Set AForm = CreateObject("AFormAut.App") 'from AFormAPI
      AForm.Fields.ExecuteThisJavaScript EX


      However, whilst this code doesn't error, it doesn't add the desired page numbers to the saved pdf document.


      Am I missing something fundamental here, or is there a far simpler way of achieving this task without resorting to javascript ?