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    Newbie File Size and Sync issues

    nin9999 Level 1


      Premiere/AME newb

      MacBook Aluminum 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo 4GB

      OSX 10.5.7

      Premiere 4.1, AME 4.1

      Source Files are screen recordings from iShowU app Quicktime, H.264, AAC 44.1Khz, 640X400, 2-10 frames per second (average size 1.5MB per 1:00 video)


      I am recording 'simple' training videos using a screen recording app called iShowU and then I need to do a few edits and combine video's in Premiere. These video's will be used in pdf's and online on our website.


      I setup a project in Premiere with settings:

      - Desktop editing Mode

      - Timebase 10 Frames per second

      - 640 X 400 frame size

      - Square Pixels

      - No Fields Progressive Scan

      - Display format Frames (only option)

      - Audio 44.1khz


      I make a few minor edits by cutting videos and ramping up the volume and then export a 5:00 video to AME with settings:

      - Quicktime

      - H.264

      - 100% Quality

      - 640 X 400

      - Frame Rate 10fps

      - Progressive Field Type

      - Square Pixels

      - Render at Max bit depth (tried this on and off)

      - Optimize Stills

      - Frame Reordering (tried this on and off)

      - Set bitrate to 1000 kbps

      - AAC 32k


      After export the audio is out of sync a second or two. I upgraded to the AME 4.1 which i thought was going to fix the sync issues but it didnt. If the syncing issue is caused by the settings im using i wouldnt be surprised.


      THe big issue is that my file sizes are really large (20+MB when I need 10MB or less). I did some edits before I reinstalled everything and before upgrading to AME 4.1 and the files were smaller then so I am sure I am doing something wrong now.


      Any suggestions on proper project or export settings to achieve good output for what I want to do would be much appreciated.


      Thanks very much in advance,