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    Need dictionary help

    bethieskulls1 Level 1
      I have added a misspelled word to the Dreamweaver dictionary and need to remove it. Where can I find the dictionary, what is it named?

      I am using Dreamweaver 8 on Windows Vista.

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          Level 7
          from a search on google groups--

          The solution for Dreamweaver 8.0:  I accidentally entered a word with a typo
          it into the personal dictionary.  I found the dictionary file at
          and Settings\<user name>\Application
           Data\Macromedia\Common\personal dictionaryMX.tlx;

          [adjust this page since you are on Vista]

          from further in the thread===

          It's an ordinary text file, and is easily
          editable. What probably confused you is that everything appeared on one
          line in Notepad. If you open the tlx file in a more sophisticated text
          editor, such as EditPlus, each entry is on a separate line, which
          terminates with "i". Just remove the offending word and the following
          "i", and save the file. The words, by the way, are always listed

          Adobe Community Expert, dreamweaver


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            bethieskulls1 Level 1
            Thanks, but this info didn't help. I made certain that I was allowing all files hidden by my system and did a search for the file name you provided. Nothing showed up so I searched on *.tlx and the only files that came up in the search were two files used by QuickBooks.

            I adjusted the file string for Vista, as noted, and still wasn't able to find any files for the Dreamweaver8 dictionary. I even did a search on *.txt with no luck.

            Am I missing something?
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              Tom Benjamin Level 1
              I needed to do the same for Dreamweaver CS3 and the personal dictionary is in the same place, except for being under Adobe rather than Macromedia: C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Adobe\Common\Personal Dictionary MX.tlx
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                bethieskulls1 Level 1
                Hi Tom and thanks for the help ... but still nothing.

                Seriously, I have searched my entire system, even the hidden files, and the ONLY file I have with the extension of .tlx is a file used by QuickBooks 2007. I don't get it ...
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                  D_Friedman Level 1
                  For Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 on VISTA I found the user dictionary located at:
                  C:/Documents and Settings/username/Application Data/Adobe/Common/Personal Dictionary MX.tlx

                  You can edit the dictionary with some text editors like Kedit, but it can be awkward. By the time I found my dictionary I had accidentally included enough misspelled words that I decided just to replace it with an empty file (one blank line) and start over.

                  Daniel Friedman