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    Broad question seeking simple answer.


      I am a designer for a wholesaler and I have to track the costs of all of our prints by supplier. I am wanting to create a website, with interactive forms, able to export data to an excel form. Basically the process works like this:


           1. Salesperson receives design request from a customer.

           2. Salesperson fills out design request form and submits to designer.

           3. Designer completes order.

           4. Cost of design is entered into excel form with five sortable fields (Date, Salesperson, Customer,  Supplier, Brand)

           5. Accounting dept. bills supplier for cost of producing design.


      We are using a primitive subscription service right now that is web-based but is very clunky and uses old technology and I am basically at the mercy of their technical support if I have problems.


      We do over 1,000 designs per month, this is why this system is necesarry in tracking our costs as opposed to tracking it on a per-design basis.


      I know this question seems misplaced, but bare with me...


      Is it possible to design a website based in Flash that has interactive forms with the ability to draw on data from excel forms for drop down menus (customer, supplier lists), do rudimentary costing, and eventually export this info into an excel workbook? Is it possible to do it with an offline module that can sync when an internet connection is available?


      I am not looking for directions on how to do this, just if this is the correct road to be travelling down.