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    Struggling!  Question.

    Davo Williams

      Hello all.  I looked in the archives, and did not see anything specific to my question, so I opted for a new post.  I need to resize a large file of tiffs into small JPEGS, with a change in color space along the way.  I looked into using File>scripts>image processor, and it appears that PS2 wants to resize everything to a specific size that I input, say 400x250.  However, that size does not take into account that the images are both horizontal and vertical, or, that the "one size fits all" does not work for me.  I would also like to put a touch of sharpening on the images along the way, say, 30/2/1.  Is there any way to do this all in one action?...or two actions?  Thank you so much for your time.  David

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          Zeno Bokor Level 6

          You're in the wrong forum, this forum is for Feature Requests, you should post your question in either the Photoshop Macintosh or Photoshop Windows depending on your platform.


          While Image Processor allows you to enter both Width and Height values, it won't distort your images, in your case it would resize them so that they would fit inside of a 400x250 pixel "box". If you want your images to distort so that they are 400x250 no matter what the their initial size was then you'll have make an action and add an Image->Image Size step before your sharpening step.

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            Davo Williams Level 1

            Thank you for pointing out I was in the wrong forum!   Moving on.

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              Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

              "Resize to fit" in Image processor works using the LARGEST measurement. So if you enter 400 x 400 it will resize each image longest edge 400 pixels, accommodating both landcape and portrait. There is a command "fit image" which does the same thing.


              If you need to rescale and crop the documents to fit EXACTLY the right dimensions both x and y - then an Action will have to be built. You will need an action for the sharpening anyway.