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    Numbered List not working within a Table

      RoboHelp HTML V 7 on VISTA

      Importing a word document with an ordered list inside a two column table with multiple rows. The ordered list only resides on the right column.

      When importing to RH, the first numbered list imports correctly. The next row restarts numbering at one and continues with the number one thus all entries are numbered one. It also converts some of the numbers to bullets. This is a new project, not an existing project that was upgraded to version 7.

      We tried using the styles to correct the problem. It numbered everything as a one and didn’t recognize any of the paragraph breaks.

      Also, We have tried hacking the HTML and it won’t keep any changes. I believe we could correct the problem if we could change the HTML.

      Can you tell us how to create a style sheet that will correct this problem within this table or what are your suggestions?

      Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
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          MergeThis Level 4
          Since the Word document you're importing has probably been edited by multiple authors with varying degrees of sophistication, the lists have likely been styled to delirium. Converting them to HTML would be a chore for any tool.

          The least painful way I would suggest is to:

          1. In Word, remove all list formatting.
          2. Import the Word doc into RH.
          3. In RH, select appropriate groups of paragraphs and click the List toolbar button (Numbered or Bulleted).
          4. If you need a sublist, select those paragraphs and click the Increase Indent toolbar button.

          Good luck,