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    Problem with sound of animated button.

    Gerald Gallo

      When I updated my Flash website I added new sounds to all buttons on

      the site. I also animated the main section buttons with a movie

      clip in the "over" frame. I added sound to the "down" frame of the

      animated buttons in the same manner that I added sound to the no

      n-animated buttons. When I click on one of the non-animated buttons and

      release, the complete sound plays. When I click on one of th

      e animated buttons and release, the sound stops the instant I release the

      button. If I click on one of the animated buttons and do n

      ot release but continue to press the mouse button, the entire sound will

      play. How can I make the animated buttons behave like the n

      on-animated buttons and play the entire sound even though the button is

      released? The URL for my website is http://www.graphicsbygal

      lo.com. My e-mail address is gallodes@his.com. Thank you.