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    wsdl import - FB4 generates fewer than FB3 - can FB3 files be used in FB4?


      FB4 Data/Services creates only two files upon loading my wsdl, both in src/services/<service name>:


      _Super_<service name>.as

      <service name>.as


      while FB3's "Import WSDL" generates 10 files in src/generated/webservices, where <> is the name of the webservice:







      and two each for three methods in the web service, named like:







      1. Can FB4 be told to generate the files that FB3 is generating? Am I missing a checkbox, option, or menu item somewhere?


      2. If not, can I just copy the "generated\webservices" directory from FB3's src directory over to FB4's src directory and use it there? I've been trying this and have had problems, particularly with an event listener hookup not firing.


      Thanks for any help ...


      Reid Abel