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    Audio issues in PE4




      Working on a video here, when I bring my audio in that I want to use as soundtrack for my film, sometimes the clips work (as in you can see and hear the audio) and sometimes they don't.  They are all mp3 files, so its not an unsupported format.  I can hear the songs just fine in windows media player or itunes, but when I drag them into the project organizer or onto the timeline and click on them I don't hear anything or "see" the audio waves in the preview pane.  What is going on?? Can anyone help?





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          As you have found, MP3's sometimes work, and sometimes do not. When implemented as they were originally designed, they most often do work. One of the big hangups is that some encoders do a poor job with their creation and also things like embedded album art can really mess them up.


          I make a habit of converting any MP3's to PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit files before I Import into PE, or PrPro. I use Adobe Audition, but the freeware, Audacity, seems to work for most very well.


          In you case, I'd just convert in Audacity the ones that will not function properly. That will strip out things like album art, and anything else that might be getting in the way.


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          PS, the only MP3's that I even bother to use without conversion will be very short SFX files.

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            Here is a bit of BACKGROUND on MP3, as it was first developed, before album art and other "features" were added.


            Note that "Cool Edit Pro," referred to in the article became Adobe Audition later on.



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              I remember using cooleditpro a long time ago.  Thank you, this solved my problem completely!


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                Great news and thanks for reporting.


                The only element in some MP3's that I have found to create havoc is the embedded album art. Still, others have had the same issues, and swear that there is no album art in their MP3's, so there must be other possible issues too. I've just never been able to track those problems down.


                Good luck,




                PS I could not live without my Audition [nee, CoolEdit Pro]