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    After Effects Fails to render due to a big file size?

    Impulse Fire Level 1

      I recorded some video clips in a x264 codec (AVI) and well since i cant import them into AAE (it wont recognize them) i just did some editng wit sony vegas and  rendered the full video in 1080p uncompressed and it was about 20 GB's total. i added it into AAE to add some color corrections and RAM preview worked normally but when i tried to render it out in blu ray format it would fail within 4 seconds of rendering. i tried other formats and it wouldnt work i even tried to take off the color correction thinking that was it but still failed. is after effects not stable with such heavy file sizes?

      or could it be my ram isnt engough (3 gb's) im upgrading to more soon though.

      any help would be apreciated so i know what to do in the future thanks a lot.