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    Noob Question 6: Redocking Windows

    Suntower Level 1

      Having a bit o' trouble working with various dockable windows.


      1. What's the difference between a 'panel' and a 'frame'?


      2. If a undock a panel or a frame, how do I 're-dock' it?


      3. Maybe I'm 'drag-challenged' but I occasionally find myself dragging a 'frame' around and I can't quite get it where I want. Sometimes I want it left, but it moves -everything- onto one-another in a 'tabbed' way. Or sometimes everything goes up or down. I'm sure  the blue and purple colours are telling me something, but I don't get it.


      Any tips on these general screen-management issues? (Other than to get 2 24" wide-screen monitors ASAP.) Man, there is -never- enough room!