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    Mail merge function in Pagemaker?


      The marketing project I'm working on will entail individualizing each letter with recipient's name and individual customer order - only the powers that be do NOT want a letter - they want this in a brochure style marketing piece.

      So, once I've created so said marketing brochure in Pagemaker, is there a mail merge type function  that will allow me to create "fields" that can be filled by merging the document with say excel info? (much like is typically used with Word.docs)???


      (I also have Indesign - have never liked it as much, but can use it instead if it happens to have this particular whistle & bell).


      Thanks in advance.

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          I believe you will need ID for this.

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            lynfaye Level 1

            Hi Buko, sorry, but I don't know quite what you mean. Is ID a separate

            program? Or do I personally need ID to post a message? Or what?




            wow. So a reply by email gets posted ON the forum.  I think I'm getting the hang of this forum. At any rate, I'm still misted over what ID is (Indesign?) and if this function is at all possible in Pagemaker. Thanks for the replie thus far.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              There is a data merge function in PM ( I don't remember where to find it), but InDesign would be a better choice.



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                lynfaye Level 1

                Thanks Bob! I looked for it in Pagemaker, but did not find it. Hopefully I'll be more successful in discovering it over in Indesign - and here's hoping the tutorial will be easy to follow as well!



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                  ID = InDesign.

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                    BigJohnD Level 3

                    PM does have a Data Merge facility, and if you're willing to spend the time on the fine detail, it can work well.


                    Again I have some of the details at home, and I'll try to find them and post them up.  I'm still waiting for BT to activate my ADSL.


                    I can't find anything in the PM KB - there used to be an expert's showcase or something similar about it.



                    Iechyd da! John
                    16:33 09/07/2009 BST

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                      BigJohnD Level 3

                      Here we are:


                      Data Merge: Basic Prodedure and Tips for trouble-free Data Merge


                      1. The data source can be created in any program that allows you to save it in 'comma separated values' format (*.csv) - the best is Excel (or Word tables).


                      2. The columns of data in this source should have headings e.g. 'firstname', 'lastname', 'address1' etc.


                      3. When you set up the fields in PM, you must do it within a text frame (the symbol on the toolbar is a rectangle with a cross through it). So first step is to draw a frame the size of the completed card/certificate or whatever. If there is to be more than one record per page, then draw up a dummy of the layout showing how many records are to appear on each page, and check the measurements. If there is to be more than one record ACROSS the page, then take note of the 'column gutter' i.e. space between each card. If there is to be more than one record DOWN the page, take note of the 'row gutter'.


                      4. Back to the actual merge layout. Set up the layout and format of the fields ONCE only - even if you want more than one record per page. If you repeat the record layout, you will get repeating instances of the one set of data.


                      5. Using the text tool, insert the fields in the appropriate places within the text frame, clicking on the list in the Merge palette to select the fields.


                      6. When you are ready to do the merge, click on the flyout arrow on the Merge palette and choose 'merge records'. Under the layout options, choose 'manual layout' from the drop down menu. Once this is selected, the column gutter and row gutter become enabled.


                      7. Enter the column and row gutter measurements. If there is only one record ACROSS the page, you can leave the 'col gutter' blank.


                      8. You can check the box to remove blank lines (e.g. some addresses may have more or less lines than others) and uncheck 'embed images' as it makes the process much slower.


                      9. Click OK and let PM do its magic. Note that the process results in the production of a NEW document and leaves the original 'master' unchanged. So if it doesn't work correctly, you can close the new document without saving and it will take you back to the original.


                      You can also insert images into each record e.g. a logo, but that's another tutorial!


                      - Many thanks to Lyn Eggleston. 11th Oct '03



                      Data Merge: Multiple Records per Page


                      Think of the data merge as a "step and repeat" (multiple paste) feature with new data being substituted in the data fields as PM 7 duplicates your image (name badge, label or postcard,etc.) However, You must use the margins and columns to divide your page into multiple record pages.


                      1. Create a new file and save it as a publication.


                      2. Open the template you want to use. Make sure that both are on your desktop and that the template is the active window.


                      3. Draw a bounding box (drag with the selection tool) around the first entity. If you are dealing with a 4-postcard per page template, the first entity is the first postcard.


                      4. Select Edit > Copy.


                      5. Go back to the new file you created in step 1 and do ALT+CTRL+V. This will place a copy of the entity on the newly created file. Make sure that this new file has as many columns as there are entities on the first row of the template file.


                      6. From the Data Merge Palette, select the Source file and populate the fields of the entity from the fields of the merge file.


                      7. Bring up the Merge Records Panel, select Manual for records per page and specify the column and row gutters. This really depends on the dimensions of the entity you are trying to replicate and the number of replications across the page and down the page.


                      8. Finally do the merge and you will have multiple records per page, all distinct from each other.


                      Thanks to Ian Wright, c. November 2002.


                      Hope this helps,



                      Iechyd da! John
                      21:15 11/07/2009 BST

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                        BigJohnD Level 3

                        I've found the links to the Adobe Tutorials:



                        Set up records for a smooth merger




                        Merge records with a publication



                        Hope this helps.



                        Iechyd da! John
                        21:19 11/07/2009 BST

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                          lynfaye Level 1

                          Oh BigJohnD.  Thank you so very much for your time in doing this. Thru one program or the other, I'll find a way. Again, thanks for you help -all of you.