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    Disc Menu NOT working properly..


      Hello all. I have just started using this program to make a wedding video for my neice. The problem I am having is I have selected a premake DISC MENU from those offered in the choices box. I am trying to make three separate MENU's I don't want nor need scenes... It appears the first set works o.k. as the correct word appears on the menu. HOWEVER, when I create the second set selecting "menu item' NOT scenes or end and type in the words I want it DOES NOT appear on the main disc menu. What am I doing wrong???? I believe I have followed the instructions in the tutorial and as I said the first set works o.k... Thanks for any help.. ALSO, and I checked into it on the search function IF I don't like that disc menu HOW do I delete it. I have tried everything and each click only opens it up for editing or some other function but CANNOT delete the darn thing in order to choose another... THanks again...I am sure as I progress I will have more questions.. ALSO, in the initial video the speaker says he will talk to us more about these 'areas' in greater detail with other videos. WHERE are these additional videos located to view???

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I'm not sure that I follow with what you want to have, as far as the navigation. It sounds like you want three Main Menus, is that correct? How do you want the user to navigate the DVD and tell us more about your DVD Chapter Markers?


          PE works with Menu "sets," and you'll see the Main Menu (MM in the file name) and Scene Selection Menu(s) (SM in the file name). The Scene Selection Menus are automaticlaly created, when you add your DVD Chapter Markers. The proper number of Scene Selection Menus are created automatically, based on the number of Buttons on the Menus and the number of DVD Chapter Markers. Buttons like Next and Back are used, where necessary.


          To clear a Menu, click on AutoPlay in the Disc Panel. It will remove the existing Menu and you can then add a different one.


          Good luck,



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            speedracer2009 Level 1

            Thank you and sorry for the confusion... I will attempt to elaborate..I selected one of the wedding 'disc menus' from the choices offered. On the MAIN menu there was a space labeled 'enter your text here' I entered text. Below that area there appeared to be 3 buttons. What I am trying to do is from this MAIN MENU and the ONLY menu I want, I would like three 'buttons' to appear. When one clicks one of these buttons it will take you to the appropriate one of the three video 'groupings' that I thought I had created. In essence, IF you want to see the rehearsal stuff you would click on "The Cast" and when that ran its course the marker (return to main menu) would then bring you back to this same main menu. If you selected "The Wedding" it would then take you to the second video grouping and upon hitting the 'return to main menu' marker that is what it should do. Likewise with the third button "The Reception". I don't want scenes I just want to offer 3 buttons on the one MAIN MENU that will play those sections of the dvd. IS this possible? Am I in the right direction? IF NOT then how do I correct? THANKS again for replying...and for your patience..

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Thank you for the clarification.


              Not sure if this can be done in PE, but Steve, or someone else will be by with the exact details. Steve also has several tutorials on DVD authoring in both PE and in Sony's DVD Architect on Muvipix. There are also a great many Menus available for either purchase or free for a subscription. With the great Assets there, one will easily recoup their subscription price with just a few hours of downloading.


              PE does the authoring semi-automatically, with the Menu Templates (sets of two). The normal flow would be to have a Main Menu with probably two Buttons: Play All and Scenes. Play All will link to the first Chapter Marker and play the entire Timeline straight through, returning to the Main Menu. The Scenes Button will link to a Scene Selection Menu, where the proper number of Buttons will be included in it, or in additional Scene Selection Menus. These Buttons will link to the DVD Chapter Markers, and their names will appear besides the Button. That is the reason for the DVD Marker naming dialogue box. Try a layout with your chosen Menu Template and take a look at the Scene Selection Menu. Be sure to name the Chapter, say Rehersal, Ceremony, etc. in the DVD Chapter Markers' dialogue box, so the names are correct and appear by their respective Buttons.


              I use Adobe Encore, and nothing is even close to semi-automatic, though it's infinitely controlable, within the DVD specs. Now, there are other authoring apps, with a lot of power and flexibility. Sony's DVD Architect is one such program. Unfortunately, Encore is no longer available, except bundled with PrPro. Because these programs do not have the semi-automatic aspect, there is much greater flexibility.


              Good luck, and be patient for Steve, or Paul_LS to either confirm, or deny what I have told you about PE's authoring capabilities.



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                Steve Grisetti-JFIrXo Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                No, it's not possible to do what speed is trying to do in Premiere Elements. The program uses templates that are sets -- one main menu style page and one scene menu style page. You can't mix templates or add more than two levels of menus.


                You can customize your templates by swapping in custom background videos or stills and you can change the font and style of text. But you can't really go as deep in creating custom menus with Premiere Elements as you can with some dedicated DVD programs, like DVD Architect Studio.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Thank you for the clarification. Obviously, I do not do much authoring in PE, but have tried to develop my understanding of it and it's power plus its limitations.


                  I still think that Speedracer can get a very good navigational flow with the two Menus. Even in Encore, that is probably what I would do, rather than crowd/clutter the Main Menu with Scene Selection Buttons. From a design standpoint, I usually only want a Play All and a link to Scene Selection Menu, on my Main Menu. I think that the combo of the two types of Menus is a better choice. [Personal design thoughts/OFF]