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      First off, I'm fairly new to flash, so I want to know if my project is possible.


      Basically, I want to have 6 buttons: movies, music, photos, tv shows, settings and weather. For each button I want to have a folder of backgrounds. For example, the movies folder has a bunch of fanart for movies. When the movies button is selected I want it to randomly fade in a background from the movies folder. The same goes for all the buttons. So if I go to music and than back to movies a different background fades in.


      Here is example I made in flash so you have an idea of what I'm talking about:



      In the blank bar at the top I want to have the time and date, the bar beneath is for rss feeds. I also want to have random mp3s laying, which will disply album coverart, the band name and song name in the bottom left. In the bottom right I want to show current weather.


      Also, it needs to be action script 2.0 not 3.0 (it needs to be compliant with flash lite).


      If anyone can let me know if this is possible that would be great. Also, if your interested in actually helping out and joining the project please let me know!


      I'm designing this as a user project for NMT players with flash support.