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    Smoother slideshow ?

    Satir Murray

      Good day to you all.


      I know this is really not a video question;

      I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 and I 'm trying to create a smooth looking slideshow.


      The default slideshow has a regular transition but I would like something smoother.


      For example, on the PS3; When you press slideshow on the photo album, it softly pans over the images before changing to the next ones. (Check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7MgIyxyIv0 at around 1:13, that with a little added slide that's very slow )


      The only pan and zoom I found here does so very quickly and it's not suitable at all, because the video I wish to make is a relaxing one.



      Finally, any clues for a smoother, slow and relaxing slideshow? How to make the images actually slide one after another slowly, not just change with an additive transition, et cetera.