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    postNetText hits the server twice for a single call

    Mitchell A. Yawitz

      I'm having some serious problems with a Shockwave bug regarding the behavior of postNetText.


      In a Shockwave test movie I've created, I'm calling an in-house web service as follows:

      on makeRequest theRequestURL

        gNetID = postNetText(theRequestURL, member("PostString").text, "UNIX", "ASCII")


      where I've entered a valid request string in the text field "PostString".


      When I run this in Safari/Mac, the server sees the request twice, in rapid succession.
      When I run this in Firefox/Mac, the server sees the request just once.
      In both cases, I do get a valid response back. (The problem is that one of the calls I make creates entries in a data table on the server, and the doubled request causes the entry to get created twice. Bad.)


      What I've tried:


      • Compiled with just-installed Dir 11.5, but also had the problem with Dir 10.
      • Installed Shockwave 11.5, but also had the problem with Shockwave 10 and 11.
      • Tried with Safari 3 and 4, on Mac OS X 10.4.x and 10.5.x.
      • Ran the debugger to make sure the handler got called just once. (It does.)



      I'm hoping this can get fixed, or a workaround suggested, since an ongoing issue with vanishing content when running Shockwave in Firefox on the Mac make that option unusable.