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    Building File List

      I am using Robohelp5 for HTML and have a fairly decent sized project. Trouble is on first opening the project it is incredibly slow to get going, and jams my whole system up. I may be out of action for up to 10 minutes while Robohelp builds the file list.

      Any suggestions?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          First tip would be to change your username from being an email address, unless you want various offers! You will need to create a new name to do that.

          Is your project on a network drive (other than through some form of version control)?

          If not, see the topic on my site about opening a project. Maybe it is time to trash the CPD file. Take a copy of your project as it is now before you start.

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            louise@cincom Level 1
            Thanks and hello!

            It''s not an email address - I stuck the '@' in as I was so fed up with all other combinations of nicknames having already been taken!!

            No, project is on my local drive for development/building purposes. Regularly remove the cpd file, following a dialog telling me it is corrupt....

            Am using single sourcing extensively, so using conditional build tags etc, but am assuming that;'s not the problem!

            Spec of the laptop fbeing used ar exceeds the minimum requirements for RoboHelp as well.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              I think the fact that you are regularly getting corruption messages is the first thing to address. That should not happen.

              How frequent is that and have you had any theories as to the cause?

              How many topics are there in your project? (Rough number)

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                louise@cincom Level 1
                Number of topics: maybe in the region of 500?

                corruption was initially caused by trying to run this project in the demo version of RH6 - which of course only allows 25 topics (or similar). On thinking about it, not sure I have actaully deleted this (fresh) copy of the cpd file now that RH5 is intalled again, so will give that a go now.

                what number of topics is considered to be too big for Robohelp? (these are all text based topics, incidentally, so no graphics)
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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  There's no absolute limit and much depends on file sizes. However, you are nowhere near enough topics to make that an issue given that there are no graphics.

                  RH X5 will not open a project with a CPD that has been used in RH6 so you must have deleted something. However, try again and post back.