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    How to stop CS4 opening JPEGs in Camera Raw?


      Hi guys,


      I'm hoping someone out there can help.  Recently for some reason CS4 decided it wanted to open all JPEGs in Camera Raw.

      I am trying to restore whatever setting has changed so JPEGs open directly in Photoshop not Camera Raw.

      And before anyone states the obvious yes, I have deselected "Open JPEGs in Camera Raw" under Camera Raw prefs.

      I am on a mac (OS X 10.5.7) and have installed the latest updates for CS4 (Camera Raw is version

      Any (constructive) input would be welcome.  Cheers.

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          ssprengel ACP/MVP

          Generally, once a JPG has been opened in ACR and has an embedded adjustment

          recipe it will continue to be opened in ACR even though you have the

          preference set to not prefer ACR for JPGs.


          Your verbiage is different than what I see for Camera RAW Preferences in ACR

          5.4 on Windows, so maybe you need to update to the latest ACR or maybe Mac

          and PC versions of ACR are different.


          In my CS4 Extended (11.0.1) / Edit / Preferences / Camera RAW preferences

          for ACR 5.4, down at the bottom, you can set JPG and TIFF Handling - JPEG to

          Disable JPEG Support instead of Automatically open JPEGs with Settings to

          make it ignore the settings in JPEG and/or TIFF files.

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            Ramón G Castañeda Community Member

            What ssprengel says.


            Note that you are way behind:  the current version of ACR is 5.4.  Photoshop is at 11.0.1.




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              I had desected "open JPGs in Camera Raw" setting in Camera Raw but since I updated to the latest version of ACR and selected "disable opening JPGs in ACR" it has solvd the problem.


              Cheers, rupert