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    RH8 More Numbering issues

    Author care Level 2

      Hi Everyone,

      With RH8 I have so far been able (with the help of the Forum and the Peter Grainge website) to create new stepped paragraphs which can number consecutively even when other paragraphs are placed in between. Fine so far. Now I would like to find out how to have the ability to re-start the numbering further down the page so if I have multiple procedures in the same topic.


      For example

      Heading - Procedure 1

      1. text text text

      2. text text

      3. etc


      Heading - Procedure 2

      1. text

      2. text

      3. text etc


      Heading - Procedure 3

      etc etc


      When I used framemaker previously I used to create a stepfirst paragraph style which always numbered 1, subsequent step paras numbered following the step first. As well as that one was able to interupt the sequence of paragraphs withoput adverse effect. This is kind of what I have in mind but I don't know how to code the numbering in the relevant RH8 dialog.

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...