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    xpath behaves differently in CS4?

    liedzeit Level 2

      Using the bookstore example from the Tools guide I get different results using this code with CS 3 and CS4



      var Docdatafile=File("/test.xml");

      var myResult = Docdatafile.open("r", undefined, undefined);

      var temp = Docdatafile.read();

      var docdata=new XML (temp);





      CS3 gives me "enenenen" which is what I expect whereas CS4 returns the complete title object. I am not completely sure what xpath is supposed to return in this case. (Actually I need to get the name of a publication where name is an attribute of a publication node.)

      To formulate differently: Is there a way to get the attribute name out of an XML object with xpath that works the same way in CS3 and CS4?


      Thank you,