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    Text Entry Boxes and their content not being captured in Automatic Recording

    RobSTL Level 1

      I have searched the forums here and elsewhere extensively and whilst I have found people with similar issues, I have yet to find a solution. My problem is this:


      I am trying to record myself using a piece of software which contains numerous text fields. In the past, when using Captivate 3, I would simply fill out these fields and Captivate would record my entries automatically. When the project was played back, the training simulation would pause and allow the user to type in the text field and provided the entry matched the options I had defined, the simulation would continue to the next step.


      So, my colleague and I have since bought Adobe Tech. Comms. Suite 2 and have upgraded Captivate 3 to version 4. Ever since doing this we have both been unable to successfully capture text entry boxes with their content when recording automatically in any mode. We have checked and triple checked the settings to make sure that the automatic capture of text entry in fields is turned on yet we still cannot get Captivate to perform this task it once so easily could. We both suffer from the same problem on both of our installations of Captivate 4. We have tried recording in all modes with no success.


      I am tearing my hair out as I need to come up with some sample content for a major Governmental client which would be worth a 5 figure sum to my company and I really don't relish having to manually create every text entry box as there are a LOT of them in this application!


      I have also reported this as a bug to Adobe using the correct form. As yet, no response.


      I would really appreciate any genuine help that can be offered by you guys.


      In desperation,



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          RobSTL Level 1

          Ok, I think I've sussed it!


          I've been pulling my hair out for weeks on this and after posting on here, I decided to try something and I think I may have found the problem.


          I work with a laptop as I am a Trainer and therefore quite mobile. When I'm in the office, I dock my laptop and use the Extended Desktop functionality of Windows so I have my laptop screen and a second 19" monitor which i find incredibly useful as screen real estate is always at a premium. And this is where I believe the problem lies.


          I performed a simple test and have repeated this test with identical outcomes everytime. Here is what I did. I fired up Captivate and Outlook and opened up a new mail window in Outlook. I then set Captivate to record the new mail window and hit record. I typed some text into the To field and the Subject field and then stopped the recording. I then previewed the results. When the new mail window was on my primary screen, (i.e the laptop) the Text Entry Box recording worked 100% fine. However, if the new mail screen was residing on my secondary screen, i.e. the monitor, the Text Entry Box recording failed!


          So it would seem that Captivate 4 has an issue with seeing the text entered on a secondary monitor when Windows is running in Extended Desktop mode. I am absolutely certain this wasn't an issue with Captivate 3 as I created plenty of content without any of these problems and I was using the Extended Desktop back then.


          So, if anyone else is having the same issue, and you are running an Extended Desktop, try what I did above.


          In the meantime, I am raising this issue with Adobe in the hope they can get this fixed, but at least now I can carry on with my content creation





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            RobSTL Level 1

            A further and interesting updat to this issue.


            I reported the bug to Adobe and received a response from Manish Anand who asked me to try switching the configuration of my screens. I currently have the primary screen on the right and the secondary screen on the left. In this configuration, I get the problem mentioned above. However, on Manish's suggestion, I swapped the config so that the primary screen was on the left and the secondary on the right. In this configuration, I was able to capture TEB's on the secondary screen with no problem.


            As a result of this, Manish has assured me that this issue will be addressed at some point in the future.





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              sarah1765 Level 1

              I too am having the same problem.  I've unloaded and uploaded the program 2 times with the updater!!!!  I am working on a vista machine and nothing will work!!!  I am goetting error messages - will not import wav or mp3 files.  I cannot even get the recorder button to pop up or work for that matter!  Pulling your hair out?  I've spent countless hours on the phone only to be reverted to this space.  I've tried to go through the system via DOS and no such luck!  This program about cost an arm and a leg and it will not work.  I need a house visit to prove this!!!  Come on Adobe you can do better!