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    Changing Title on the Window


      Hello everyone.  I am having a problem - hopefully someone can help.


      I am using RoboHelp 7. I compile my help files into a MS HTML Help format.

      I am having problems changing the title on the windows when it opens.


      I tried changing using File>Project Settings.  I changed the project title
      to what I needed.  When I recompile, no change occurred.


      I went directly to the HHP file.  I changed the value for NeWWindow.  This
      changed the name of the window after one recompile.  But later when I make a
      few changes to the help file and recompile, I get the old title back.


      What am I doing wrong here?  Is there a system file or backup file where this
      change needs to be made as well?


      Thanks in advance!