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    Moving Mouse over button works on Mac, not PC & streaming issues

    bjarrett40 Level 1

      I recently made a simple Flash file with video with an alpha channel and three simple buttons.  It's a site tour video, and there's a button in the lower right to exit the tour that takes you back to home page.  When you move over the "Exit Tour" button, it transforms in size slightly to highlight it.  However, PC users are telling me that they can't see the word "Tour" on the button, only "Exit" until you move over the button, then they can see both words.  The button functions perfectly on a Mac.  Can anyone explain this?  Also I've been told that the video often appears choppy and sluggish on PCs, and not Macs.  I'm encoding and streaming on flash media server - 400kps, CBR with alpha channel encoded, size 880x512.  This is put on a stage size of 980x667 in Flash - is this is just too big of a window for streaming to handle?  I have attached some files for reference.  thanks - bjarrett40