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    publishing FLA file with AS2 script added does not work

    jdwild Level 1

      I hired someone else to do the scripting for an animation that I originally created. It calls an xml file which displays 3 different items in the flash. It works great... except when I open the FLA file and republish it -- even if I don't change a single thing, the resulting SWF file does not work. I've tried everything to no avail. The script writer is using CS3. I am using CS4 although I HAVE tried with CS3 (on different computer). Both the script writer and myself work on Macs. The script writer even sent screen shots of the publish windows, and I'm selecting all the exact same options. (version 9, AS2).  Has anyone else run into this type of problem? I'm at witt's end. I really need to be able to make changes to this file and republish it. I can post the FLA file if someone wishes to take a look.  TIA, Julie