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    Hardware acceleration with Flash Player 10

    Cr99 Level 1

      I came across an article on potential hardware acceleration enhancements in Flash Player 10:




      But I was wondering how to take advantage of this?  Here is the snippet from the article which seemed most promising, however when I set the wmode in the html template, I can't see any changes to my application so I'm guessing there must be more to it:




      In Flash Player 9 Update 3, the first hardware acceleration capabilities were added to Flash Player through hardware-scaled full screen. In Flash Player 10, the same performance gains will be delivered to the browser window through new hardware-based WMODE HTML parameters. The direct WMODE will use your video card to paint pixels to the screen as fast as possible while freeing up your CPU to work on other tasks. The GPU mode works with newer video cards to do much more of the work of transformation and compositing on the video card.


      How can this be achieved?