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    Digital Editions Installer - screen reader friendly..?




      We've been using Content Server to fulfill Digital Editions files to customers.


      A woman who has a sight disability bought a copy of a book yesterday but reports that the Digital Editions installer (launched by our download page) is not screen-reader-friendly.


      It sounds like her screen reader isn't able to read out loud the dialog boxes being presented by the Digital Editions installer, and so she hasn't been able to get the app installed. I pointed her to the Adobe Digital Editions download page, but since that's also a smart  (Flash-based?) button, I'm guessing she'll run into the same issue there..?


      1. is there some other place she can go to get Digital Editions via a more standard browser download?


      2. can the text displayed by the current Digital Editions installer be made readable by screen readers? (Or is there something she's doing wrong?)


      Thanks in advance for your help..!