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    DV30F Download? Help


      I have a very important tape that I cannot download. It was recorded on the Canon Xh A1 in DV16:9 30F. I have Premier Elements 7 & Sony Vega, but neither will download this because of the fps. The closest I can get is 29.97F. Does anyone know of a plug in or any other advice that they can share. I HAVE GOT to get this film into a program for editing. Thank you so very very much!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What happens when you set your Project to NTSC (assuming that you are not in PAL-land) DV 16:9 @ 29.97? Do you get an error message? I would expect that you could Capture (provided that the camera is hooked up via FW correctly and is recognized properly) into PE. Once Captured, if the slight differential in FPS is a problem, then Interpret Footage should handle that difference.


          In PrPro, you can setup your Project as Desktop and then adjust all aspects to match the footage to be Captured. PE requires using a close Preset, but usually allows slight differences in Capture. Do not know Sony Vegas, so I cannot comment on it.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti-JFIrXo Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            This is a standard HDV camcorder, and you should be able to capture video over FireWire from this camcorder as long as your Premiere Elements project is set up for HDV.


            You say two programs won't capture it though?


            Are you getting a Windows confirmation of your FireWire connection? It could be a hardware problem.


            Can you capture video using the free utilty HDVSplit?

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              delruda Level 1

              Thank you for your reply. It is not a hardware problem; I spent an hour on the phone with Canon this a.m. Somehow my cameraman shot in standard format with a frame rate of 30. The norm FR is 60, thus I cannot get Adobe or Vega to capture the frames. Vega wont even acknoledge the camera is connected. Tech support for both Elements and Sony Vega are aware with problems importing from the XH A1 Canon, but this is my first really bad experience. Vega suggested I download from HDVsplit, which I did, but no success their either. The closest frame per second I can reach with Adobe, Sony, Nero, and Windows is 29.97fps. Approaching the end of my options, I tried Power Director (Cyberlink) and, much to my surprise it worked. I used power directer a few years ago and LOVED it, but had trouble with large files. I have now imported the entire tape and re-purchased Power Director. Whew! This was a close call and I very much appreciate your help.


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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Glad out found a solution, D.


                Premiere Elements is a great, little program -- but it just can't handle those non-standard frame rates!

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                  delruda Level 1

                  I love A.P.E 7! The program is easy to navagate (unlike Vega) and the variety of transitions better than most. Its the camera that gives me grief! I have learned thru experience that barring the lens, a newer model, smaller, hd camera such as the JVC Everio results in a much better end result. Thank you again for your interest and help.

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                    delruda Level 1

                    Not in PAL or anything else funny. After spending an hour on the phone with Canon, we figured out that the wedding was shot in 30 frame, opposed to 60f which is the standard. A.P.E. recgonized the camera connection, but warned it was not a combatable format. A red outline appeared around the preview box when downloading, but when finished, no frames were captured. I tried Vega and Nero, too. Both Sony and Adobe told me they were aware of a problem with the Canon XH A1. Sony informed me that a plug-in solution will SOMEDAY be available. As a last resort I tried a program that I love, Power Director, but had a really bad experience with due to a large file. IT WORKED! I have since repurched the program and it only now finished downloading. I love PD, but its very, very risky to use it with large hd files. Thank you VERY much for your response!



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                      Paul_LS Level 4

                      You could try to install the Canon editing preset for PPro it works in PE7. It has a project preset for 30fps, although it is for progrssive footage it might allow you to capture... maybe: