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    Air Runtime Error when querying local Cache


      I am running into trouble when attempting to fill a datagrid from a local SQlite cache, when the cache has been emptied either because it was never filled with any data or the files have been deleted. One would think there would be a mechanism in Flex to check the cache for proper structure without resulting in a runtime error. Reading the Dataservice documentation, there appears no way to inspect the cache without getting the runtime error.

      Basically, I have an Online/Offline application synchronizing data with a MySQL server via LiveCycle Dataservices. Everything works fine Online, and also Offline as long as the cache files have data in them.

      The problem is that if the program has just been installed(and server is not connectible) and the user hasn't connected to the server to retrieve any data yet, the local cache is empty and will result in the runtime error, or if for some reason the cache files get deleted, then Air will throw the runtime error.

      The resulting error,
      Error: Unable to initialize destinations on server: