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    Alan Craven Level 4

      Ever since I moved to Premiere CS4, I have found that Premiere tends to shut down whilst left to do the number crunching of rendering - losing all the completed preview files in the process.


      Over the past couple of days I have had to do a lot of rendering and took the trouble to see if I could find a cause, and I think I may have - Adobelmsvc.exe.


      Whenever Premiere shuts down without warning, this process is at the top of the list in Task Manager, and FNLPLicensingService.exe is always second in the list.  At other times they are nowhere to be seen.


      A cursory search of the Internet suggests that Adobelmsvc cannot be stopped, and is part of Adobe's strategy for combating piracy.  It appears to me as though it "phones home" at intervals, and I have read that when it runs it takes 100% of processor power, which could explain my problem.


      A search on Adobe leads to various references involving Acrobat, but no mention of Premiere.  Does anyone know anything about this?  Am I thinking on the right lines, for one thing?