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    Merging Pages?

    தமிழரசன் ( Thamilarasan) Level 1

      Hi all


      I've two files, one has figures and other has texts. I've to merge pages of figure file one by one with text File. I've done this; but first page of figure file is placing in all pages. and my code is


          aDoc = app.activeDocument;
          graphFile = File.openDialog (":) Please select a file to merge", "*.indd", false);
          for(var pCount=0;pCount<aDoc.pages.length;pCount++)
              aDoc.pages[pCount].place(graphFile, ["-3mm","-3mm"])[pCount];

                  importedPageCrop = ImportedPageCropOptions.CROP_BLEED;
                  updateLinkOption = UpdateLinkOptions.KEEP_OVERRIDES;
      }catch(e){ $.writeln(e);}


      how can I accomplish this??


      thanks in advance.