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    Proplem with opening documents with Reader 9.1


      Hello Together.


      I hope someone can help me.

      I have a interesting problem. When i want open a PDF Document with a doubleclick, then the Reader hangs most time. This will happen on different documents. If i open this document over Acrobat Reader menu, the document will open correctly.


      The next crazy point is, if i want rename the folder which contains the pdf files, the explorer will hang also.


      Our configuration.

      Windows Vista SP1 and SP2

      Profile Path local

      Adobe Reader 9.1.2

      Domain Logon.


      What i have tested:

      - Same installation with a local user account. = Works.

      - Reinstall = problem exists


      I have found a small thing. If i delete the UserCache.bin file int the APPDATA, then it works until the files is recreated.

      Other PDF reader from other companies works without any problem.



      I hope somebody can give me some hints or a solution for this problem.