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    need a title case font


      All I have is the Illustrator trial and have the standard fonts.  I need a title case font.  When i change to title case nothing happens.  Are there no title case fonts?  I want something like www.365main.com.  The white letters on the banner.  So far the best looking font I can find is Microsoft Sans Serif.  I had a friend that gave me some MacOS fonts.  This is only the trial.  I can't tell if they are working or not.  It seems like i have more fonts than before but still not Helvitica but I guess I have Arial.  I wish I had a title case font.  THANKS.

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          It is Eurostyle but is not a title font you can see it here


          <a href="http://store1.adobe.com/cfusion/store/html/index.cfm?store=OLS-US&event=displayFont&code=E RSQ10005000">Eurostyle</a>


          looks like this


          Picture 3.png

          What you will have to do is use Caps and Small Caps only problem is that small caps does not seem to work with this font.


          So you have to make a character Style with a scaled down font like this


          Picture 4.png


          then you can apply it with the character style paneL


          Picture 5.png

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            Scott Falkner Level 5

            There's no such animal as a "Title case font." Title Case jsut means every word is capitalized. Any text can have the first word capitalized so long as the font includes capital letters, which pretty much any font does.


            I think you want Small Caps. If the font does not include a small caps variation then you'll need to format some text using a heavier weight and smaller size. I usually type a lowercase x and a capital X together, then do what I can to get the capital X to look just like the lowercase x. That becomes the formatting for my small caps. Instead of changing point size I change horizontal and vertical scaling so that changing the text size will keep the small caps in proportion.

            Picture 4.png(400%)


            Here, I used horizontal and vertical scaling of 67.5%. The next weight up was too heavy, so I used a 0.4 point stroke to increase the text weight. I then added half the line weight to the baseline shift.


            I believe URW has a Eurostile with small caps.

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