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    swapdepth question?


      HI! I have three movies in one movie that are in different layers as shown in the pic below. when I run a trace they are all in the same _level10, why is this?


      I tried changing the depth to bring one in front of the other and it does do it to a point.


      When I start I use this _root.pages2.page6.choosemovie.swapDepths(10); and it will bring the choosemovie in front or the choosecat and the when I click on a movie it then brings the my_FLVPlybk in front and all is well. BUT when I try to bring back the choosecat in front with

      _root.pages2.page6.choosecat.swapDepths(10); it does not work. Why?


      ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 08 14.48.jpg