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    Adding Additional Native File Support to PDFg


      I'm attempting to add conversion of .idw files (AutoDesk Inventor 2D drawings) using AutoDesk's free viewer InventorView to PDFGenerator. I've followed the instructions at http://livedocs.adobe.com/livecycle/8.2/programLC/programmer/help/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/w whelp.htm?href=000496.html&accessible=true, including adding the Path, updating Native2pdfconfig.xml, adding the scripts to adobe-appmondata.jar and updating the component in Workbench. I am now trying to troubleshoot the script. Using maxTime I've narrowed the failure down to the step that opens the Print Dialog. Unfortunately, there are 2 submenu entries in InventorView, Print Setup... and Print... so using Print...  as a menuBar selection I think is opening up the Print Setup dialog instead of the Print Dialog. Attempting to guess the index for the Print... submenu item has proved an exercise in frustration, so here are the questions (Sorry, I snuck 2 in for the price of one)


      1. Is there a setting that will cause Appmon to display the application in a visible window so I can actually see what's going on?


      2. Can anyone explain to me how to determine the index of a submenu item (Print... in this case) using Spy++, WinID, WinSpy, tarot cards, tea leaves or any other form of divination? I've added a comment to the LiveDocs page that says to "Use a tool to determine the index", and hopefully some more info will be added soon.