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    Noob Question 11: Rotating Newspaper Effect?

    Suntower Level 1

      Hi again,


      Is there a built-in effect which gives what I like to call the 'rotating newspaper' effect? I've seen it in tons of music videos and dozens of movies over the years.


      Basically, imagine a newspaper article that rotates in from very small until it fills the frame, but not deformed in any way. I tried 'spin' which rotates on the 'y' axis, and 'twirl' which looks more like a 'swirl' to -me-.


      Again, it's in a gazillion movies from the 40's. It's also in the 1st 'Superman' movie... where the bad guys are sent to a 'one dimensional prison' and they rotate away into space in something like a glass parallelogram (I can't believe how dorky that sounds. )


      Ideally, I'd like to be able to spin in from a corner at a slow rate and expand to fill the center frame @ 100%.