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    FLVplayback: skip intro?




      I'm making a flash project and I have 10 different videos on it (embedded using FlVPlayback) and all the videos have the same stupid intro. My boss would like me to add a "skip intro" button which would allow you to jump to about 19 seconds in the video.


      what I have done so far is insterted a video file without the introduction in a new keyframe and have the "skip intro" button linked to keyframe.


      the only problem is that if you do not wish to press the skip intro button, it stays up on the screen the entire time, and we would like it to disappear. I've thought about using skipintro.alpha = 0 at a cuePoint located 19 seconds in, but i'm not really sure how that would work.


      any ideas? am I on the right track? any shortcuts to what I'm doing?