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    [AS3 Newbie question] Images and shapes


      Hello, i'm experiencing this weird thing, probably it's a noob question.


      Problem: If instantiate an Image and draw over something using updateDisplayList, no problem, but if I change the source dynamically from that moment i cant see anymore the shapes.


      Some details:


      If I instantiate from a custom class extending Image, and i have this somewhere under the Class definition

      [Bindable]public var imageIcon:Class;
      protected var activeMask:Shape = new Shape();


      then, when the constructor method is executed, i do

      this.source = imageIcon;

      finally when the event creationComplete on the instance occour i do this



      the shapes are drawn during every updateDisplayList, calling drawMask() - a function tha does some activeMask.graphics.drawsomethingover

      override protected function updateDisplayList(w:Number, h:Number):void {
           super.updateDisplayList(w, h);


      Everything works fine, because I can see the shape over the image.




      If i, as i need, change the image source dynamically with a new image _imgTmp loaded from a server


      this.source =_imgTmp;


      NOW i can see the image loaded BUT don't see my shape anymore!


      I know it's a visibility or an order problem, but i can't help myself...