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    interactive flash map help


      so i am building a website for this commercial property and they gave me Mab with the different suites labeled i.e 255, 260 etc

      what i am looking for is the easiest way to make it so if u scrolled over an individual suite it would display in a text bar store name, hours, etc

      is there some third party map software that does this real easy for me or anything iv looked at different ways to do this and i am stumped

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          i think you're on your own.  create a transparent movieclip that you over-lay each suite and give each movieclip a suggestive name like mc9, mc10, m12 etc.

          how you proceed from there would depend on how the data for the stores are going to be entered into flash.

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            geoffschuyler Level 1

            to be honest i was planning on breaking down each store into an individual movie clip in flash and then adding the on rollover action but im not real familiar with it and don't know how to make it display text in a text bar or anything

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              how you'll associate those movieclips with the text that needs to be displayed depends on how the (text) data are entered/loaded into flash.


              if you did it the long slow way, you could use something like:


              mc9.textInfo="this is mall store number 9.  it's never open, has inferior products and crabby sales people";

              mc10.textInfo="this is mall store number 10.  it's open slightly more hours than store #9 but has high prices and is known to steal customer's identities.";