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    Can you call Catalyst as a command line exe


      I have a requirement to take a bitmap and 'recognize' the menu items on that bitmap and write out a description of that bimap into a text file (say xml).  For example, the bitmap could be a screen-cap of a game that has a menu displayed - the text output would be a description of the menu that is on the screen - eg

      Menu <name> contains {

      Button <OK> @ position<x,y> size<w,h>,

      Button <Cancel> @ position<x,y> size<w,h>,

      DropDownList <Mode> @ position <x,y> size<w,h>,

      Slider <Size> @ position <x,y> size<w,h>}


      I am guessing that Catalyst does something like this internally - is that true ?  And if so, could I access this functionaliy ?


      Ideally, I would like to invoke this as a command line eg catalyst.exe <input bitmap> <output description text file>





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          acath Level 4

          No, Catalyst does not screen-scrape images of UIs to infer their structure. When you import a graphic into Catalyst, it has no component structure at all - it's just a bunch of graphical primitives. You then add structure by converting things to components.


          Also, Catalyst does not have a command-line interface.