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    Noob Question 14: Cheap Dual Head Video Card/Link To TV?


      I can't take it anymore.


      Looking for decent, but cheap, dual-head video card, suitable for Premiere. As a side note, I'm working on creating music videos in a home office about 75 feet from a home entertainment system with 4 analog video inputs.

      Obviously, the videos look a lot different on the computer than on the TV so I burn a LOT of test DVDs and then watch them in the other room.

      I was wondering what would be involved in running a feed from the computer to the home entertainment system so I didn't have to keep making plastic coasters.
      1. What is the max length of a digital signal from the computer? Analog?
      2. What kind of cabling would I need?
      3. What kind of input would I use on my receiver? Output from the computer?